Welcome friends, family and everyone. We’re super happy to have you visit.

Just a bit about us: We met in Moscow, Idaho, while attending the University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) before moving to Pennsylvania and Ohio to finish school. After graduate school we moved to Valdez, Alaska, for two years followed by a five month road trip around the west in our vintage Volkswagen Bus, Vincent. Vincent led us to Hailey, Idaho, for a year. In December 2013, Ethan landed a job with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center as an Avalanche Forecaster and we relocated to Golden, Colorado, for the start of another adventure. In Colorado, we met some incredible friends and we climbed, a lot. Now, we’re back in Hailey, Idaho – home.

We try not to take life too seriously. We’re adventurers and explorers and we love the simple pleasures in life, like warm cookies and high fives. We love to rock climb and surf snow. We also love tasty coffee, frosty beverages, thematic holidays and you, too. Thank you for visiting and stop by again soon. We’d love to hear from you!

Married on a perfect September 24, 2011 in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.

A dream come true. Robyn, Micros, and Blazers.

A dream come true. Robyn, Micros, and Blazers.

Meet our newest addition: Chossy!

Meet our newest addition: Chossy!

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  1. Hi – visiting Skaha for the first time and in my attempt to find camping info, I ran across your blog.

    Very very cool… you’ve definitely hit some of my favorite spots (and more)… I’m going to be following your adventures to see if I can add a few more West Cost destinations to my tick list.

    Incidentally, would you be willing to share the location of your camping spot??


  2. Follow the road south from Penticton past Skaha Bluffs turnoff. You will cross Sunny Bay Road on your right followed by Echo Bay Rd. Shortly after turn left on Racette Way. As I recall there is a sign on the side of the road warning about a narrow road ahead. At the turn for Racette Way you are only a couple miles north of OK Falls. It is a paved road that leads up a steep hill. There will be a turn around on your right and then the road continues to the top of the hill and a number of small vacant lots. At this point take your pick! We had one set of campers near us during our 9 day stay and a few people walking their dogs. Just make sure to tread lightly and smile and wave at everyone!

  3. Also, google maps doesn’t show Racette Way but Map Quest does. Good luck!

  4. Thank so much for the response! Much appreciated!! If your journey finds you in Washington state, please feel free to touch base! I have a waterfront guest room with your name on it!

    1. Awesome!! Thanks for offer, that’s super nice of you. Good luck at Skaha, it’s a great crag.

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