Well what can I say, Arco sure knows how to bring the party to Hailey, Idaho.. In one weekend he got to hang out with two grandmas, a great grandma and a great grandpa! Four generations sat together for dinner at my parents’ townhouse Sunday night. We spent the weekend sharing time with the little man, touring around the valley, laughing and telling stories. It was a fantastic way to celebrate a successful maternity leave for Robyn and wish her luck back at work.

Rockin the snowsuit.

Great grandma Linda.

Great grandpa Joe.


Great grandma Linda and great grandpa Joe.

We started saving for Robyn’s maternity leave just over a year ago. We made hard decisions to stay home and miss out on traditional climbing trips as we saved annual leave. We pinched pennies and stretched out grocery runs with creative cheap meals (re: rice). In the end we emerged (two surgeries later) feeling a bit haggard but grateful that we were able to provide as much bonding time as we could to our little wiggler before we both got back to work full time.

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