Hey there people. You are either reading this because you have signed up to get emails when we post, or you saw on Facebook that we are ending our accounts there and got curious what this page was all about.

I am not going to try to open up a philosophical debate on Facebook here. In a nutshell – we decided to end our Facebook accounts because we don’t need them. It may seem cruel to have a baby and then unplug from social media but never fear! twosmallcones will be here for all your baby picture fix needs.

We’d prefer to talk with you all directly. So here’s what i’d love to have happen in order of preference (and we’ll do the same):

  1. Come visit if you’re in the area!
  2. Call/Facetime us!
  3. Text us!
  4. Write/email
  5. Follow us on twosmallcones

I’d rather communicate with you directly on a handful of occasions each year than get 1,000 “impressions” as we scroll past each other on a Facebook news feed. So don’t fret, we aren’t mad at the world or going into hiding or trying to make a statement of some sort. Our social lives aren’t going to end.. in fact i’m hoping some meaningful conversations are just beginning.

Oh shit. And here’s some Arco cuteness! 

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    1. Wahoo! Can’t wait to see you guys soon, beauty of a day here 🙂

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