This post is mainly to say thank you. Thank you to all the people that have helped Robyn and I through the first 3 months of Arco’s life. There’ve been dinners, trinkets and toys, donated leave, cards of support, lots of clothes, volunteer dog walkers, and even volunteer snow shovelers. All that plus the overwhelming amount of people just checking in to see if they can help in any way. The last three months have been challenging, tiring and joyful all at the same time. To throw a twist (no pun intended) into the mix I had knee surgery to replace my ACL and repair my meniscus leaving me on the couch and generally useless for two weeks. During that time Robyn pulled double duty caring for two babies (i’ll let you imagine which one was the whiniest) and my parents came up huge, staying for over a week to help us through our day-to-day. All the while my co-workers managed a rugged teaching schedule and issued Avalanche Warnings as I slowly worked my way back into mix. There really is no greater asset in our lives than the support and love we feel from such great friends, family and folks of this radical little valley in Idaho – Thank You!

Just be glad you didn’t have to deal with this junk show..

12 weeks old

Seems like he’s ready to belt out a full laugh any day now!

One thought on “Arco turns 12 weeks, Ethan gets a new knee

  1. Team Davis at work! We think you adult Davis’s are awesome… but it’s a genetic impossibility for us to be away from that little Davis for very long!!! 😉 Love that sofa pic Rob….captured it well. ()**

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