Yep, get ready. We finally made it to the point where we (I) have a few minutes to put some photos together from the first month of Arco’s young life. For some of you that don’t know, Arco is a town not far from here. A simple old rustic Idaho town that Robyn and I enjoy. Plus the general area is near the top of the list for recreation and beauty. To get an idea see below:

Milky Way over the Fins and the Arco Desert. Photo (and those to follow by Uncle Nate

The Fins, where we’ve spent countless hours climinbg over the last 6 years. Photo: Uncle Nate

Another shitty view. Photo: Uncle Nate.

Climbing rocks at the Fins. Photo: Uncle Nate.

Yeah I know I cheated and used a professional photographer’s photos but you get the point. It’s beautiful and rugged and I fully expect Arco to be at least twice as beautiful and rugged. Coincidently it also has some links to the word “arch” plus sounds badass and unique too, so there ya have it. Welcome Arco Allen Davis to the world.

So far he’s achieved farts that sound like they came from a grown man (no joke), his facial expressions are pretty amazing, and he’s just about to have the strength to roll over. He sleeps well from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and again from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. but not after that. He loves boobs, especially milk filled ones, and (unlike most babies) dislikes being swaddled. Ok, I won’t bore you to much with text here since you’re all here for the photos anyway – enjoy!

Exhausted but psyched!

Mamma and baby.

I think my face says how tired we were. Here is Arco less than 24 hours old.

Tiny arco in his crib, about a week old.

Chossy is the best big sis of all time!

Arco and Grandma Suz.

Nice day for naps in the yard!

We jam out to all sorts of cool music and he loves it!

Choss snuggling with Arco.

Sometimes you gotta just pass out.

Arco sharing a nap pillow with his best friend Jackson.

Bath time!

Early morning naps on the couch.

Nana Kat and her grandson.

Old Pa and his grandson.

Lots a sleepin’ going on around here.

Robyn thinks it’s hilarious but Arco’s not so sure…

Ten days old. Chillin’ on the Big Wood River behind our house with poppa.

Myrtle (truck), Chossy, Arco and Robyn getting our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day.

Mamma and Arco after a bath.

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