When we first found out I was pregnant (late winter), the thought of having our baby in October felt years away. Now, we’re two weeks out and I can hardly believe it. Things feel like they’ve moved at warp speed.

Until recently, things have felt a bit scattered with the thought of a newborn arriving in our home. We weren’t quite organized, soft goods still needed to be washed, our car seat needed to be installed and our nursery wasn’t quite finished.

The last few weeks though, we’ve embraced the challenge and crossed most to-do items off our list. Currently, we are working on packing our hospital bag and meal planning — my meal planning game has increased tenfold. Delicious homemade meals that can be frozen now and baked later will come in handy as we, new parents-to-be, are running on little sleep and are adjusting to a new schedule. Snacks, too! One-handed snacks. I hear they’re just as important.

I am so thankful for this lad, everyday. Photo: Nate Liles

So now, the waiting game is on. Even though we still have a few items left on our list to complete before baby arrives, we are as ready as we can be. From what I’ve read, researched and been told, there is only so much you can do to prepare, after which point you just have to let go, and be open to experiencing one of the greatest joys there is. I couldn’t be happier to do just that with E by my side.

5 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go!

  1. Love you two amazing people… love our little pumpkin-to-be!!!

    1. A Pumpkin and a Peanut – cousins – first or once removed?

      1. Ethan and Carolyn are first cousins, sharing our mom and dad as common grandparents. Peanut and Pumpkin will be second cousins, with our mom and dad as common great-grandparents. Cool!! We should celebrate with some pumpkin/peanut bread! 😉

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