As a way to get the most out of our cozy space, we decided early on that the nursery and our office would share a room. Our goal and vision for this space was to keep things minimal, tidy and comfortable. Because we chose not to find out the gender of Pow Baby, we also wanted to keep our color palette neutral and warm (no pink or blue hues), simple, and without spending a lot of money.

When we first moved in to our home, nearly two years ago now, this room was used as a bedroom. The walls were a bright teal, bunk beds were mounted to the wall and an extremely heavy desk-like thing was bolted near the closet. The space was definitely crowded and in need of a deep clean.

Before: Out come the bunk beds.

Before: Can you imagine that orange color for an entire room?

Before: Below the cabinets, an extremely heavy desk-like thing occupied the space. It was so heavy, we used cardboard and blankets to slide it through the house to get it outside.

We promptly ripped out the bunk beds and the desk feature. We left the cabinets above for extra storage of craft items, office supplies, and now, for baby gear. For the walls, we chose a bright, warm yellow. We painted the baseboards a fresh coat of white and built shelving in the closet. Eventually, I’d like to replace the overhead light, upgrade the blinds and line the ceiling with white bead board. For now though, those minor renovations can wait.

After: A fresh coat of paint and no bunk beds!

After: Mapping out where the office desk will go.

The office desk was customized and built by Ethan. Since E has the option of forecasting from home during the winter months, we wanted to outfit him with a space that was functional, simple and aesthetic. We chose to keep the wood natural, decorating the space with plants, a lamp, and meaningful photographs and keepsakes.

After: Our customized desk and cozy office space.

After: Simple and functional.

The vision and layout of the nursery unfolded, in part, with the help from friends and family. Most things pictured are hand-me-downs, gifts, or local thrift store finds. We purchased a few fun and organizational items (i.e., baskets, rug, and shelving) to help keep the space warm, tidy and clutter-free.

After: Pow Baby’s space.

After: A closer look.

We still have some minor tweaks and renovations, but overall, are thrilled with how it turned out. Hopefully, Pow Baby will love and enjoy it as much as we do.

My inspiration came from an old t-shirt and ugly sticks.

With all this baby prep, I’d hate for my favorite season to slip by. Pumpkins, ghords and a delicate homemade wreath adorn our front porch, an assortment of festive adult beverages are cooling in the refrigerator, and a fresh pumpkin candle has replaced the floral scents of summer. ‘Tis the season!