There is something special about watching your child wiggle around in your wife’s belly. Opening his/her mouth and squirming about. It brings on a special kind of feeling that is hard to describe. Last week, Robyn and I went in for our 21 week ultrasound and got to get our first good look at POW Baby! She/he seems to be psyched to be in there (see thumbs up photo below).

Many people have already opened up their attics and sent us cheery letters of congratulations and hand-me-downs. THANK YOU! If you would like to know that POW Baby took a big ol’ dookie in a reusable diaper that you gifted and I have to change – you can realize this dream at our baby registry here:
POW Baby Goodies

You can also donate to POW Baby’s College fund here:

You’re all invited to our Baby Shower on August 12th! This will be dude friendly. Details to come.

Big thanks to Nick and Sydney for the crib, Kate and Pat for numerous items including clothes, blankets, jogger and a kid carrier. Thanks to Falco and Eva for the blankets, snot sucker and clothes! Tenaya for the glider chair, diapers and games! Thanks Alex and Brian for the toys and bottles! And who can forget this text I got from my buddy Art at work… At first we were overwhelmed with the unknowns of what we needed (REALLY needed) and what was fluff and wasted space. Thanks for everyone who has commented and chatted with us on all sorts of topics that would probably have scared the shit out of 5 years ago me.

Don’t worry, this is totally normal for a dad-to-be.

Must be cozy in there. POW Baby with the thumbs up!

Those are our baby’s MASSIVE forearms. Gonna be a climber!

Here’s POW Baby on their side looking at you. The dark black circle is the forehead and nose and eyes to the right.

We got our crib put together. Thanks Nick and Sydney!