Can you believe we are already more than half way through? Me neither! The last few weeks have been fast and slow, but mostly fast. I feel very fortunate, too. Through this entire process, I’ve missed out on the nausea, pain, low energy levels, cramping and other symptoms that typically accompany pregnancy. I’m really hoping my good feelings and luck continue.

I spy a bump! 20 weeks!

We are 20 weeks – let the fun begin! I look and feel more pregnant everyday. Baby is growing fast and we are super excited to meet him/her! No kicking yet, only flutters, but I am hoping for some movement: kicking, rolling, punching (softly). You name it!

Other Details: I haven’t had many cravings for anything in particular, although chocolate chip cookies always sound tasty. I’ve gained about 11 pounds, most of which was in my first trimester – I felt ravenous. I am still squeezing into some of my regular clothes, like skirts, leggings, and apparel with elastic waistbands. I’ve also sized up on a few items and just ordered my first pair of maternity jeans.

I’ve been keeping my physical activity up, too. I feel great and can’t complain at all. I am still climbing, stretching and walking a lot – Chossy is loving our extra outings. I’ve also set a goal to hike all or a portion of Carbonate each week, a mountain just a hop from our front door (approximately 6,700 feet in height). This has been a great addition to my weekly routine and keeps my endurance for hiking at a feel-good level.

Summiting Carbonate on a beautiful summer day!

Circuit training with light weights has been enjoyable and I am hoping to add a swim session to my lunch-time workout rotation. Hailey has a great outdoor pool and I’d love to utilize it more! Unfortunately though, no running for me. The pressure on my pelvis is pretty uncomfortable. Biking, on the other hand, has been an excellent outlet for exploration and fulfilling my appetite for more intense cardio-related workouts.

Trying to hike and climb as much as I can – feeling great!

Nursery Update: We have plans to utilize a portion of our office as the nursery. The closet and cabinets will hold most of baby’s things for now. We may build a set of shelves in the closet to help with organization and easier access to everyday items. We will reevaluate our space and room setup once baby gets here and as he/she grows.

Looking Ahead: Baby Shower plans! We are crafting invites and slowing adding items to our registry. Details and invites coming soon! Calling all parents, friends and family with children: are there any baby items, clothes, bottles or trinkets you love and recommend?

This guy! He thinks I am even more beautiful when pregnant and he will stop at nothing to do anything for me. I am seriously the luckiest.

Gender Reveal: As you know, we plan to wait and find out the gender of Pow Baby until birth. We both feel that this is one, if not the, biggest gift in our lives; a magical, meaningful time to connect, learn and grow with each other, and baby. That said, we do have our suspicions, but would love to know what your thoughts or feelings are: will Pow Baby be a girl or a boy?


7 thoughts on “20 Week Bumpdate!

  1. Sick!! Way to go, both of you – Robyn for building the human and Ethan for making it happen!! Go team!!!

  2. Well that guy is RIGHT you are radiant, gorgeous and adorable!! Love you to bits and pieces!!

  3. Both my boys just popped straight out. So I think it’s a girl. 💕

  4. Boy ….good seeing the whole family this weekend

  5. So excited for you guys!! I would definitely recommend a Rock N Play on your list. I really tried to my list as minimal as possible and I have to say this was a “must have” when he was about 3-4 months old. It’s the only way I could get Orin to sleep! Good luck and text us if you ever need anything! – S

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