I took just over zero photos but the ones I took seem to convey what a badass weekend we had over Memorial Day in the Tetons. Nate, Kari, JP, Michele, Robyn and I along with a wild pack of family dogs descended upon Teton Canyon for three days of biking, climbing, star gazing, pizza eating, beer drinking and fry stealing. Most of the climbing was still seeping with all the snow melt but we managed to get some pitches in at the Grand Wall and Darby Canyon (Nate Liles’ favorite climbing area). Speaking of Nate Liles he got some SICK shots of the northern lights on Saturday night. Check http://www.orographicvisual.com/ maybe he will post some of them. Until then you’ll have to live with my feeble attempt at capturing them by propping my camera up on dirty camp dishes. We are already planning a return trip to Teton Canyon – maybe just to head back to The Spud drive-in movie theatre. That was so much fun. Oh and the great breweries, climbing and biking are a plus. At only 3.5 hours from Hailey we are officially adding it into the weekend rotation.

Chillin in base camp at the foot of the Tetons near Driggs.

Playing catch with the wildlife.

Not a bad place to call home for a few days!

The Grand Teton.

Sunset beers, watching the Grand take on different colors.

Not every day you get to see this in the Lower 48.. No adjustments to color. Just the long exposure of a patient camera.

2 thoughts on “Blame it on the Tetons

  1. You guys are amply blessed with terrific friends, amazing landscapes, cool dogs and each other!! 🙂

  2. Big Sky is only a 2.5 hour drive from Driggs. We should try to meet there for a weekend!

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