It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since our last post. Twosmallcones goes through droughts like this though and we always come back. It’s simply been around to long to stop, and contains so many good memories. Despite the lack of recent posts we are in no way lacking in news to share. POW Baby is now 18 weeks along, would fit comfortably in your hand, has arms legs, teeth buds and is “swimming” around in there surfing waves that Robyn feels as “flutters” (the precursors to full kicks). The realization that we are having a child has sunk in, but the due date seems far enough out that our everyday routine hasn’t changed a whole lot. We’ve started to accumulate some baby trinkets and plan to put together a little baby registry at some point.. but first we want to solicit any and all random baby things that friends and family are trying to get rid of. So if your attic needs a spring cleaning let us know!

This winter was a wild ride.. And there are STILL piles of snow at valley level just 10 miles to our north. In fact, it’s snowing right now. Yep. Ah well. It was a winter for the record books here (literally) and the details would require an entire post. Now the sad reality is flooding. Several neighborhoods in the valley have been under water in the last month. The closest is just a ¼ mile to our south. With 60+ inches of snow remaining near Galena Pass, the sun has plenty more work to do. What follows is a slew of photos from December until last weekend. We’ve enjoyed camping, climbing, tons of skiing, hut trips and a whirlwind trip to the Oregon Coast. This weekend we’ll be in the Tetons for more of the same (hiking, biking and climbing).


Getting ready to ski from the front door!

Chossy’s first smell of the ocean!

It was “stout-month” at Fort George Brewery and we relished in some of the best dark beers ever made.

Chossy getting her first run on the beach and Robyn finding out that waves sneak up fast!

We love the Oregon Coast!

Chossy realizing the endless potential.

I could look at this picture a thousand times and always smile.

Buck Williams on Oregons best highway.

My beauty!

There are tons of stories from this trip. We visited with wonderful family, bar hopped with Cora, explored Astoria including Terry and Todd’s awesome bar. We got to dig clams with Marcus and Alicia! And the drive home was nothing short of epic.. Snow the entire way and a couple feet waiting in our driveway in Hailey..

We’re trying to make this family reunion trip an every-other year journey. Can’t wait for 2019.

Idaho ladies kill it.

Michele being.. Michele.

Rollin up the sleeves for a long weekend of POWDER.

Cheesy-tortilla machine a.k.a. JP

We had lots of laughs and killer powder turns to celebrate each night in the hut.

Chugging into the Sawtooths for some fresh tracks.

The Captain looking ready to shred.

Sawtooth Mountains

Scoping lines.

We all had some epic powder turns. Unfortunately I only got to snap a few shots, but these will have to suffice!

Kipchogee slashing powder like it’s his job.

Showing us the “Oh-face”.


POW Baby and Mama Robyn crushing some beautiful Utah Hills Limestone.

Campfires, stories, climbing, repeat.

This may become a new tradition. Prep pizza dough, cook toppings on the fire, wrap the whole thing in tin foil and bake till crisp. Oh so good!

Campfire pizza.

One of those special places. Sunset Alley. Perfect climbing and a quality hang.

My two lovely ladies!

We timed our trip perfectly for the spring desert bloom! Love this place.

Looking into the vast Nevada desert.

Robyn. 4 months pregnant and still crushing.

Ran into a couple of these guys, enough that we plan to wait and return when the cooler weather sends them back into their holes for the winter.

Taking in the view from Massacre Rocks, ID.

Our first trip to Massacre was eye-opening. We definitely have to get back here this fall.

Hopefully Robyn will have time to share a full baby update and we can post a few photos of our new backyard garden! After this snow flurry we’ll be back in the 70’s. It’s truly a beautiful season here in the Wood River Valley!