With complete and total excitement Robyn and I are stoked to announce that we are expecting a mini-us due October 23rd! We have dubbed him/her “Pow Baby”. Let’s just say there’s a good chance this little being came into existence on the day pictured below.

Robyn and I skiing in the backyard (literally) on an epic powder day in January.

Pow Baby rockin out.

Pow Baby. Feet on the bottom. Little arm sticking out to the side pumping to the beat of his/her heart. Mini techno dance party in there.

We’ve decided to wait to find out Pow Baby’s (PB) gender until the big day. We are 10 weeks along at this point and just had our first appointment. It’s hard to describe the feeling of hearing PB’s heartbeat for the first time or seeing his/her little arm waving around. Robyn is doing wonderful, so far so good. We’re taking it all one day at a time and excited to tap into the love and knowledge of our friends and family as we take on parenthood. Love to you all.

Ethan and Robyn

2 thoughts on “POW BABY

  1. Needless to say Oldpa and Nanna are BEYOND happy !

  2. I knew it. I told Joe a couple of weeks back… if you weren’t expecting you would be soon. He said “who???” I said never mind. Soooo happy for you.

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