The first step I took in our journey to simple living was to clean up my social media accounts, namely Facebook and Gmail (I do not have Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat). I combed through all of my Groups and Likes on Facebook, and deleted all that were no longer applicable, had no connection with or I found to be irrelevant. I unfriended friends and acquaintances in hopes of connecting in more meaningful ways. I’ve unsubscribed from spam emails offering the cheapest and latest gear, as well as online newsletters–these are no longer flooding my inbox. The idea in doing so was to begin to connect with people in other ways: phone calls, letters and emails.

more connecting, less scrolling.

This digital cleanse has definitely been invigorating. That said, I certainly can’t deny the convenience of the digital age and my love-hate relationship with gadgets; however, that doesn’t mean I can’t be more intentional with my time, focusing more of my energy on the rich experiences and meaningful relationships I have with others.