It’s been a slow start for training this year. This year’s early start to winter and consistent snow storms have postponed our annual training timeline for climbing. Powder turns have been plentiful and it doesn’t look to be winding down anytime soon. That said, training is still a priority, and albeit a bit more difficult, our intentions are genuine.

Strength Phase: We’re currently in this stage; hangboarding in a chilly garage with limited resources has had a direct effect on my motivation levels. However, the days are slowly getting brighter, warmer and longer. Climbing season will soon be underway. Intentionally training now will rebuild my base fitness, increase strength lost over the last three months, and assist in an easier transition to climbing outside. That’s certainly motivating.

Robyn on the hangboard. The pulley system allow you to hold on to smaller holds with less weight. It also allows for quantifiable tracking of strength gains.

Robyn on the hangboard in Golden. The pulley system allows you to hold on to smaller holds with less weight. It also allows for quantifiable tracking of strength gains.

As part of my daily regimen, I also try to incorporate other physical activities to increase my overall fitness. I usually do five to six sets of ab exercises each day (number per set varies), 30-minutes of yoga or some variation of it, two circuit sessions at the gym each week, and I take the lady-pups for a long stroll around the neighborhood every day. Weekends usually include backcountry skiing, an ab workout and a stretching routine. Though a seemingly gentle workout, I certainly feel better. Over the next few weeks, these workouts will gain more momentum and intensity, but for now, they’ve been the perfect exercises to help rebuild my stamina and increase my overall base fitness.

Robyn at Rocky Mountain National Park. We hope to get back up to this beautiful place this spring.

Robyn bouldering at Rocky Mountain National Park. Excited to start bouldering more at Dierkes Lake.

If the weather at Dierkes Lake appears to be fairly mild on Saturday, we plan to drive down and slap around on some boulders. My feet haven’t been in climbing shoes since mid-October. It’s only Monday morning and I am already looking ahead to the weekend..

A nice warmup boulder at Dierkes.

A nice warmup boulder at Dierkes.

Have a wonderful week, y’all. I hope you too, are dreaming up cool adventures for your weekend ahead!