Folks! I am seriously craving a trip to the pumpkin patch. We are halfway through September and instead of nesting: decorating, hosting crafty time, researching new recipes, sipping on festive beverages, and baking the sweetest cinnamon treats, we are packing.. again. Although this time, we could be boxing our belongings and forwarding our mail for the last time.. or at least the last time in a very long time.

Cactus flowers at Shelf.

Cactus flowers at Shelf.

Maybe I can convince Ethan, among all of our other belongings, that we should pack a pumpkin. You know, for the reminder that my favorite season is upon us, a reminder to appreciate the simple things in life, and a way to wrap up our Colorado adventure, because you know, pumpkins can do that.

aren’t they cute?

We are taking a long three-day weekend to enjoy climbing and campfires with our closest friends in Colorado. These friends of ours, they are the greatest. Each and every single one of them has made our time here memorable and special, and we cannot thank them enough for sharing their lives, personalities (no matter how quirky), and their stories with us.

As a sweet reminder, maybe I’ll get them a pumpkin to pack around too.

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