Obligatory daffodil shot.

Of course as soon as I edit and post these photos it starts to snow, but I have actually started to become accustomed to the mood swings in the weather around here. Among awesome things that spring brings.. FLOWERS! Color! Robyn took some great flower shots last weekend. Also, BBQ in the park! Weee! Our apartment looks out over the best park in town. It’s packed with folks all summer, grilling and running around or just laying in the sun.


Rob’s bike. Still going strong.


Dirtbag tricks. Our apartment in the background.


First signs of spring.


There are three humans in this tree.

One thing we are super excited for is our garden plot in the community garden! It will be a 10′ x 10′ plot and the garden is just on the other side of the park which makes it really convenient for us to walk over with a couple beers and check up on things. Avalanche work is slowing, but I will continue through the end of May. A lot of the work from here on out will shift to summer projects. We may shift from our 10 zone forecast format to a statewide product here soon, and that really alleviates the early morning rush.




Moose on the rocks. Clear Creek Canyon – CO.


Beautiful. Nothing like the first flowers of the year!


BBQ in the park.


Clear Creek Canyon from High Wire.

Of course the fair weather also brings a return to weekend climbing. The picture above is from Clear Creek. This is our home crag and right up the road from our place. Despite being rough around the edges it has really become one of our favorite places to climb. Now is the time for Robyn and I to get on some of our goal routes for the summer and I had the chance to try one of mine (Ten Digit Dialing 5.12c) yesterday – so good! Resting up for the next couple days though as we are set to go to Self Road again this weekend and it sounds like we will have a giant crew! Another weekend in the piñon under the stars.