A photo review and some highlights of another year adventuring on rock. More on training for 2015 and a recap of our successes from last year in a later post. The year started with a bang on a two week climbing trip to El Potrero Chico in Mexico. Once home we were exploring the new crags Colorado had to offer. As the dust settles on our first season I can say we have a wealth of rock to explore here. Winters at Shelf Road and Table Mountain. Fall and spring in Clear Creek and Eldo. Summers bouldering in Rocky Mountain National Park and Mount Evans.. Not to mention Boulder Canyon and Upper Dream Canyon. Lots to check out! Although climbing took a bit of a back seat to other life adventures, we still found time to relish its all-encompassing psych; feeling healthy, spending time outside and challenging ourselves for another season on the sharp end.

The view from home. Where to start?

The view from home. Where to start?


Chilling on the roof of our Casita in Mexico. Two weeks of rock, forties and local tortilla chips.

Steve on XXXX El Potrero Chico, Mexico.

Steve on Mugre Mugre (5.10d) El Potrero Chico, Mexico.


Most certainly a view I will never forget. The best part was looking back on the monster routes we accomplished that day.


Reaching the summit ridge of the longest climb of my life. Steve, Andy and I braved questionable conditions and had Time Wave Zero (5.12a, 23 pitches) all to ourselves.


Steve and Lauren on one of the amazing spires at El Potrero Chico.


Steve topping out a spire. Unreal exposure. Super fun.

Maybe the best route of the trip and one of the best of my life. Andy, Robyn and I atop Yankee Clipper (5.12a, 15 pitches).


Andy taught us a lot on this trip. We couldn’t have done near as much cool stuff without his knowledge!


Robyn’s birthday summit beer. Top of Space Boyz (5.10d, 11 pitches).


Mind blowing exposure on Yankee Clipper (5.12a, 15 pitches).


Welp. Going for it. Against our better judgement we didn’t let the soup deter us. Pitch 7ish of the 23-pitch monster Time Wave Zero.


Emerging from the fog on Time Wave Zero (5.12a, 23 pitches).


Panorama from the campground at Shelf Road, a great early and late season crag!


Adam at the crux of Thank Heaven for Little Girls (5.10d) at Shelf Road, CO.


Camping at Rifle with Vincent. Rifle surprised us and we are looking forward to more climbing there is year.


Mark hanging with Garrett on his first camping trip. Eleven Mile Canyon, CO.


Chris cruising another 5.12 during the #teamtryhardon assault of Ten Sleep, WY.


Onsight of Oh La La (5.12a) in Ten Sleep, WY.


Michele’s first of many leads to come! Teamclips in Clear Creek Canyon, CO.


The star athlete of #teamtryhardon running up another 5.12 at Ten Sleep, WY.


Robyn flashing Tricks For You (5.12a). Robyn continued her annihilation of Ten Sleep, WY.


A quick trip to Idaho brought me back to this familiar hunk of stone. Here’s Ben working Bushido (5.13a/b) at The Fins, ID. Managed to flash Mothership (5.12b/c) while I was there!


Breweries abound in WY these days. Awesome.


Robyn on the amazing Mirthmobile (5.10a) in Clear Creek Canyon, CO.


Robyn flashing a cool 5.10b at Shelf Road. Cactus Cliff gets great sun making it climbable to 25 degrees or so.


Didn’t get on this.. but it’s on the list. Bullet the Blue Sky at Penitente Canyon, CO.


We didn’t get to climb a ton together, but when we did it was just like old times back in West Virginia. Chris on Mirthmobile (5.10a), Clear Creek Canyon.


“The Park” is a fabled bouldering destination and one we will be seeing more of next year. It’s unbelievably beautiful. Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.


Jumping near the top of the list of camping/climbing combos. Upper Dream Canyon, CO. Tried the iconic China Doll (5.13d/14a). Humbling but incredible.


Hiking into Devil’s Head, CO. Recently featured on the cover of a Rock and Ice.


Chris on Gravy Train (5.12b) at Ten Sleep, WY.


Cold weather craggin’ at Table Mountain within view of our apartment. This is where our Colorado climbing started and ended this year.


Captain! of #teamtryhardon sending the Great White Behemoth (5.12b).


The crusher of all limestone. Leroy Jenkins.


Our (becoming annual) trip to Ten Sleep is always a highlight of the year.

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