We’ve taken a small hiatus from blogging, not intentionally though – we’ve just been extremely busy and have many updates, new adventures, good food and beer, and family outings to share.

beautiful light and scenery as we hiked up Lookout Mountain.


our view from the top.


summit suds.

Most recently, Momma Kat came to visit. We managed to sneak in a delectable turkey dinner and enjoy Christmas festivities while she was here; packed full of all things happy – a Blazer win and tasty brews, too.

MK whipping up some festive ornaments for our first tree!


We used glue, water and any decorative twine and ribbon we could find.


more crafts! Robyn making advent calendar Christmas ornaments.


Enjoying a fine beverage at Mountain Toad Brewery!


Thanksgiving dinner with two of my favorite people!

Lately, we’ve also been tearing up Eldora Mountain’s ski slopes. Ethan has quickly taken to skiing, showing those Black Diamond beauties how to rip. It’s impressive and incredibly fun. We look forward to ski weekends and sick days often.


we’ve recently picked up fly fishing and we love it.


cold and icy, but awesome.


this beauty was given to us by Ethan’s dad. It was the rod he used growing up.


we’re addicted.

As always, climbing is still good. Researching and crafting a new training plan to begin in January or February. For now, we are climbing when it sounds good, but mostly embracing the colder weather and snow. The change has been refreshing.

Jess climbing a cool little route at Table Mountain.


Ethan cruising up Sidelines, 5.10a.


Ethan clipping the anchors.


Rob getting after it on Off Line, 5.8.


Climbing on this chilly November morning and Rob is all smiles.

Food and beer are always flowing and good topics in our household. Our newest recipes include spring rolls, black rice with an assortment of vegetables, spicy chickpea dishes and interesting concoctions with rye and cornmeal flours. Cookies have been a success; still working on pizza dough. Seasonal beers are on the shelves. Snow Cap, Jubeale and Celebration are staples these days. Brewery St. Bernardus has yet to be topped by other Belgian-style ales, although Brewery Ommegang is quickly becoming a favorite.

MK and Robyn enjoying the Mountain Toad’s seasonal brew: Yule Hop IPA.


tasty dinner with good friends!


Rob and Jess cooking up a storm!

Coffee happens a few times each day and finances are stable. Budgeting is going well and our student loan debt is decreasing. Mr. Williams will be paid in full come January and we still find a way to contribute to our savings account each month.

coffee and fishing.

Ethan loves his job and I couldn’t be happier for him. CAIC has challenged him in varying ways and he has embraced every bit of it. It is inspirational and motivating. My job is, well, a job. Getting better, not the best. I am thankful for having one though and will continue to search for that job – one that stimulates and challenges me everyday.

a view of Golden from North Table Mountain.

Colorado is nice and continues to grow on us. As of December, we’ve lived in Golden for a year. Can you believe it? It’s definitely been a memorable year. We’re thankful for the growing experiences and for each of you. Your continued and enthusiastic support has been unwavering. We are overwhelmingly grateful. Thank you.

Cheers to you!

More to come as December winds down. Wishing you a beautiful, bright and warm holiday season.