Curled up on our new couch, sipping coffee while waiting for the sunrise to greet me – I don’t want to abandon this space: warm, cushy and free. This time of year always gets in my head space. I still think on a school year cycle and the fall feels like a new beginning, a season of change. I’ve been thinking and dreaming, and we’ve been talking a lot, making decisions, enjoying pumpkin beers, cookies and dishes full of fall flavors.

spiced ginger cookies

incredibly delicious spiced ginger cookies.

harvest orzo

a new dish: harvest orzo seasoned with sage, nutmeg and cinnamon accompanied with roasted vegetables.

With the arrival of October, we’ve been discussing holiday plans and festivities too. Ethan is back to work with obscure hours: a crazy schedule of early mornings and long days. We are gearing up for winter and are eager to learn new tricks at Eldora Mountain Resort, and discover new terrain in the backcountry. Evening trail runs and climbing keep us busy after work, and soon, we will add fly fishing to the list.

Colorado is beginning to feel good and finally, like home. We’ve made a few changes and have welcomed some new additions to our place, definitely assisting with the coziness factor. We’re still budgeting and getting better at it with each new month. Now that we are well into fall, I’ve had several bouts of crafty time too. A front door wreath, leaf and pine cone garland and mini pumpkins make for lovely decorations. Ethan also surprised me with the sweetest pumpkin lights: happy jack-o-lanterns with big, bright grins.


our front door wreath. cottonwood leaves with pine cones.

pumpkin lights

the happiest pumpkin lights.

These are the days. Pumpkin grins and festive treats. Halloween will be knocking on our door in no time. Any plans for the ever-so-sweet holiday?