The crisp weather has finally arrived here in Golden, and with it, the first vibrant leaves of the season. This change also means a sweet goodbye to fresh tomatoes and corn, and a welcoming hello to stew! Like fall, I love stew. Growing up, soups and stews were a staple in our house. Being the wizard that she is, my mom quickly whipped up some of the tastiest liquid dishes out there. I hope I acquired the good-soup-gene; they are too divine to only enjoy once or twice a year.

spicy bean and tomato

spicy bean and tomato soup!

In my attempt to replicate some of my mother’s delightful dishes, I have crafted a few meal plans and soup recipes to get us started. I am thinking a turkey dish covered in root vegetables and seasonings of sorts: lemon, broth, wasabi paste, or cumin all could be fun to start with. A creamy pumpkin soup with side sandwich for dipping sounds lovely too. Or how about chicken covered in gingery peaches? Oh, the possibilities!


we’re all about the curry stews!

pasta stew topped with sheep cheese!

pasta stew topped with sheep cheese!

My goals: to prepare most of these dishes the night before and toss them in the slow cooker the morning of, allowing them to cook the entire day, emitting sweet and savory smells of fall throughout our apartment. I would also like to share these new recipes, photos included, on this here blog with each of you. I love to cook, bake and create tasty treats. It would be a shame not to share them, as well as gobble up any ideas or recipes you have on slow cooker meals, soups or stews.

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