brisk and beautiful after a nice rain storm.

why hello, fall.

Dark, stormy and ominous clouds rolled into Golden late last night. We were abruptly woken up by an unforgettable lightening show and the wild hammering of rain – puddles were seeping out from every nook and cranny of our old apartment windows (they’re a bit rickety and apparently, leaky). The sight of such a storm and the fresh smell of earth, flowers and crisp air tickled my senses. I quickly fell back to sleep dreaming of vibrant fall leaves and pumpkins.


a favorite dish of ours: pumpkin mac. yum!


frosty and thematic beers are always fun!

My bike ride to work this morning also brought on a flood of fall memories: pumpkin-almond lattes, cinnamon-banana cookies, brisk morning trail runs and perfect climbing temperatures.

mini pumpkins are my favorite!

mini pumpkins are my favorite!

Truth be told, I am a sucker for fall.

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  1. Robo!!! It’s me…your long lost classmate Jennine! How are you girl??!! I LOVED this post because Caleb and I are OBSESSED with fall too! We live in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio and autumn is like a watercolor painting…truly a colorful masterpiece:) Keep blogging…I enjoy your posts so much! Until next time friend:)

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