Just a quick random post. I had the day off yesterday and ventured to the Millenium Boulder to try my hand at some of the cool problems there. I chose the boulder because I was alone and the landings are generally flat. After warming up on a few variations of Lono (V1/2) and a stand and sit version of Second Coming (V4+) I started to look over the beautiful face of Ghost Dance (V6). The climb moves from positive small crimps through long lock-offs between pockets. The moves are powerful and deliberate, and topping out is an airy 20 foot adventure! After getting shut down for about an hour, I took a break and tried new beta, a nice high-step at the initial crux. To my surprise I latched the big left-hand pocket but couldn’t make the lock-off to the next one. After a rest, I turned on my phone (not the best quality) and recorded the send. It’s pretty bad video, but hey, I was stoked! Aside from climbing Standard American at Hunters this is one of my hardest bouldering sends.

Ghost Dance (V6) from maowcakes on Vimeo.

Stoked to have figured this one out!

Stoked to have figured this one out! Now I can come back for the low (v7) start.