Since I can recall, we’ve been fanatical about organizing, list-making and decorating our space. We can’t seem to sit still until every nook and cranny is decorated or all to-do items have been checked off the list. The initial move-in week or clean-up day from camping can always be a bit daunting, but we crave the energy it brings and really enjoy the finished product. This recent move of ours has proved otherwise. Everything still has its place; however, this move has taught us to settle in without the comforts of a new sofa or having all of our artwork hung on the wall prior to the week’s end. The pace has been nice and simple, something we’ve missed out on previously.

Instead of surfing the web for a cool new treasure or dropping by a trendy thrift shop eager to find furniture, we’ve been letting the ‘dust’ settle. Golden finds us well, now, but it took a few months to discover our groove.

Amongst the hobbies that we love, like climbing, we’ve slowly been finding time in-between to unpack and organize our space. In many ways, it’s been extremely liberating. While embracing this new-found patience, we’ve stumbled across some really cool street treasures.

Isn't he a cute little guy?

Isn’t he a cute little guy?

As always, Mountain Toad Brewery provided timely and delicious brews Sunday night. We skipped home with eager chatter of climbing goals and travel. A shortcut home led us down the alley behind our apartment, and there, behind bags of pillow debris, we spotted three wooden furniture pieces: a vintage vanity (that will make a swanky desk), a compact and sturdy coffee table, and a round nightstand.

Like kids in a candy shop, we excitedly and awkwardly carried our goodies back to the apartment. That night, I dreamt of golden hues, sand paper and quaint work spaces.

sweet little coffee table in need of some tlc.

Ethan tackled the sanding.

looking good.

A surprise Monday afternoon still leaves me speechless; accompanied with a permanent ear-to-ear grin. Ethan worked diligently all day to surprise me with a sunny, warm and cheerful piece for our new place. I still have yet to think up a name for this handsome find; something bright and bouncy seems appropriate, don’t you think?

handsome, indeed!

Until then, I’m going to sit back, sip on some coffee with my favorite guy, and enjoy the yellow glow of our new addition. Patience is a good thing. Relaxing, too.

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  1. Yellow dude! Mellow Yellow? Lemon thing. No Ive got it. “Nice paint job”

  2. good name for this yellow piece! Lemon! a tasty flavor, too!

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