I sat cross-legged in the back of the bus this morning and Robyn was already gone to work. My breath formed thick clouds and the air was clammy and damp. The world outside was muffled by 6 inches of fresh snow which fell last night. Robyn and I have been urban camping in the bus for a few days now, moving from lot to lot and running trips to the storage unit trying to get things organized. We will be living in the bus for at least a few weeks. In a weird twist of strangeness we were told in a plain letter from our landlord that once our initial 3 month short term lease was up we needed to be out – no explanation included. To make things weirder, our landlords daughter was our roommate, and slunk around the place in silence for the remainder of the month.

Despite the upheaval adding another layer of craziness to our lives here in Golden, we were given the chance to move into our own place – small or not! And here we are, in the bus again. It’s amazing how streamlined your life becomes once you open that sliding door. Two cupboards, two seats, one bed, one cooler.

When you get kicked to the streets it's nice to know this guy will always provide a soft catch.

When you get kicked to the streets it’s nice to know this guy will always provide a soft catch.

As I woke this morning I listened to cars and snowplows roll by as our coleman hissed, fogging the windows. I made instant oats and french pressed coffee before sloshing across the street to Lyons Park to brush my teeth. Just a few days ago we checked out a small one bedroom place about a block from our last. The property manager is super nice, the price is right and the view of Lookout Mountain from the living room and bedroom windows is great. We hope to sign a lease soon, and should be moving in by the end of the month. It’s only been 3 months since we moved here but it feels more like a year has passed. As leaves bud from trees along the park I am reminded of our move from Alaska. Rolling into Revelstoke B.C. we saw flowers and smelled dirt for the first time in 8 months. Life was slow and easy then. Setting up the tent along a river and gathering wood for a fire took most of the afternoon. After the whirlwind move to Fort Collins and then to Golden and now to the bus, I am looking forward to long afternoons and evenings by a fire and the slow-paced lazy days of summer.

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