Now that it is the middle of January, we’ve finally been able to adjust to our new schedules a bit more, build a routine around E’s obscure work hours, and begin to enjoy Golden; our new town. Recently, we’ve been tackling some major projects (i.e., we bought a new car, we’re still crafting a post from our trip to Mexico, I’ve been job hunting-aggressively, and we’ve been bouldering [a lot] at our mega-mega climbing gym: Earth Treks).

fresh coffee and snow this morning. yum.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to help take-on our big to-do’s without entering or learning a new job. Currently, my work schedule offers a lot of flexibility and working from home has been terrific. I can have several cups of coffee, read too many books and articles on food and new recipes, chat with friends, surf the internet, go for a run and still get all of my work done. It’s been awesome. I am going to miss this working from home thing, especially when working is no longer from the comfort of my cozy kitchen chair and favorite coffee mug.

Overall, I’d say, things are shaping up nicely. Next big ticket items on the to-do list: land a sweet job, explore the area with new and old friends, and enjoy the pow and rock in Colorado!