It’s August 8th. Guess what? I can’t stop thinking about fall and all of the good things that come with it. The beautiful skies and crisp temperatures, the leaves changing in color – bright yellows, reds, lime greens, browns – and of course, some of the tastiest beverages out there: pumpkin spice ales, pumpkin stouts, and deliciously creamy-hoppy-pumpkin pales. You name it, I get excited.

I get so giddy and absolutely treasure the season and these tasty beverages. I think E is in agreement with me: we need to brew a batch soon. I can almost taste the terrific flavors now…  Oohhhh, man.

So, until we can craft our own recipe and clever beer name, here are two of my favorite seasonals:


Elysian Brewery’s Great Pumpkin Beer


Elysian Brewery’s Night Owl Pumpkin Ale

What are your thoughts? Do you like pumpkin beers? Do you have a favorite? Any recipe suggestions for us?