Generally speaking, IPA’s are my favorite. Whenever we are out, I can’t help but order a new and exciting IPA. The crisp nature and delightful mouth-feel always calls out to me as the bar staff takes our order. Over most other beer styles, I am drawn to the delicious and delicate flavor of hops; a major component in crafting an exquisite IPA.

With great success, we even brewed our own. Our first five-gallon batch was an intensely delicious IPA called Vision Quest. Since then, we’ve been eager to try something slightly different (okay, really different). Despite the full swing of the summer season and hot temperatures, we went ‘big’ and brewed a rich stout. A HellFer Stout.

The recipe was crafted by Ethan himself. It’s absolutely delicious. This beer has initial notes of chocolate and coffee. It’s body is full and creamy. It leaves you with lingering biscuit undertones. It’s extremely drinkable, almost too drinkable. I think it could be a favorite of mine. It is certainly a good change from my go-to style. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

After two pints of this malty beverage, there are a few alterations we would make. Nothing big, just tweaks here and there to increase it’s richness, making it that much tastier.

coffee beans

swing on by and join us for a pint or two of HellFer Stout. it’s mighty tasty.

Until our next brew date, we will be sipping on HellFer Stout and designing a new recipe for our next batch of homebrew… which has yet to be decided. Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “HellFer Stout

  1. Get in my belly!! I wish we lived closer, so I could try this deliciousness and learn from the masters. I vote for a red next, something different.

    1. Falco! We wished you lived closer too. We would be making memories and sharing brews all over the place. We thought about a red or a nut brown. Both are delicious!

  2. Now here is a post that Pops can relate too. No “pinky mo” or whatever it was. Suggestion for your next brew. Something Pops will like. Vision Quest was most certainly a very tasty brew. IMHO

  3. BTW- you can leave a HFS in the tent for me instead of an IPA if you want. (ask E to clarify)

    1. Oooooo. In that case, we might have to leave you with two. I can’t imagine that MK will sit quietly and watch you sip on HFS without her… Can’t wait to see you two! We can cheers together with a pint when you get here!

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