I’ve been doing a lot of flight searches lately, in hopes of finding something somewhat affordable for our Mexico trip. The past few weeks, flights have been horrendously expensive. Up until today, I worried that we would have to pay an arm and a leg to travel there and back. This afternoon, luck was on our side. I found flights for $600 each. That is a bargain compared to any other price I’ve come across. And, so it goes. I hit the ‘booked’ button! We are going to Mexico!

One last item on the good ol’ to-do list: reserve the lovely casita we will be staying in – Quinta Adriana. I have an email out to Magic Ed containing precious details of our reservation. I am hoping to hear a reply from him soon.


cool pool. photo credit: Magic Ed.


back patio and grill. photo credit: Magic Ed.


living room with pool table. photo credit: Magic Ed.


festive kitchen. photo credit: Magic Ed.

mega floral bedroom. photo credit: Magic Ed.

mega floral bedroom. photo credit: Magic Ed.


balcony view. awesome. photo credit: Magic Ed.

  It sure looks like an incredible place. Friends, climbing, Mexico. We are psyched!