My parents came to town last Thursday through Sunday and we had an awesome time showing them around the area. We visited Sun Valley for a night at the Inn, cruised to Galena Summit on a clear and frosty day, walked around some shops in Ketchum, went to a live performance at the theatre in Hailey and of course had many a dark beer.

Also included in this photo set are some shots from Ben’s last visit including a couple bouldering shots from Dierkes. Even though it feels like the weekend just ended we are already gearing up for another big holiday adventure. Friday we head to Rupert to visit Susan, Nate and Zach for the weekend before loading Vincent up for another grand journey down to Red Rocks near Las Vegas. Meeting us there will be a host of great Alaskan friends amidst their own adventures, and none other then Ben and Cora as well! Christmas in Red Rocks? New Year in Vegas? Indoor skydiving (ask Cora)? In all we have 2 weeks of fun ahead of us before returning to the Big Wood which has lately likened itself to a freezer box. I won’t lie though.. getting up to see Galena Lodge has finally shaken loose the strangle hold rock climbing has had on my brain since last March. With new Deeluxe Sparks boots and a pair of new bibs, the backcountry awaits our return.

Happy holiday’s to you all and keep my grandma in your thoughts as she heads in for heart surgery on Friday, but in her words “I just want to get this thing over with so I can go on my next trip!” (at 80 years old she just returned from Africa)…

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