I absolutely love winter. I love wool socks and foot booties. I love coffee beverages and teas. I adore colorful layers and Pendleton blankets. I love snow surfing, cross country skiing, and snowman building. I love it all.  To me, ‘this is the most wonderful time of year…’

Up until recently, however, my mind has been on climbing (we are gearing up for our two-week climbing trip to Red Rocks). My stoke is high. Maybe I’ve been a bit unfair to winter, but having the option to climb until late December and early January is pretty amazing, especially after feeling robbed of a climbing season in Valdez. It’s been really nice. You can bet, however, that after our mega-trip to Nevada, we will be ready for the ski season – psyched as ever to explore new mountains, meet new people, and enjoy every frosty bit of it.

boulder mountains

Boulder Mountains north of town. Beautiful.

Last night, the weather gods opened their wintry gates and dumped only the very best kind of snow on us – light, fluffy, and delicious! They sure know how to get me psyched for the ski season.  I am itching to get out there and play!