I haven’t been diligent enough about taking photos and logging recipes. I truly hope to get better at it. I have, however, managed to snap just a few photos of our meals as of late. The following dishes are simple, extremely delicious, and healthy. The perfect trio, don’t you think?

Sweet potato and onion salad. This dish was experimental and it happens to be one of my new favorites!

We called this one, ‘Red Dinner’. Rice soaked in tomatoes, onions, and seasoned red peppers. Yum!

Another favorite – stuffed bread!

I layered the dough with all sorts of goodies, from veggies to chicken, and even homemade guacamole. Mighty tasty!

Rice noodles, steamed broccoli, turkey sausage, carrots, onions, and love. Perfect.

Tonight, I hope to make a risotto-y rice dish with fresh veggie toppings and a glaze of some sort, and for the weekend, homemade pizza! We are also looking forward to roasting our first wild turkey in a few weeks! Do you know of any good recipes out there or secrets to roasting a big, skinless bird? When it comes to birds and bones, I am clueless! Blah!