I used to cry when the Blazers lost a close game. Okay maybe I still do… After Thanksgiving we checked into a 14th floor hotel room overlooking the Rose Garden Arena and sipped Terminal Gravity while we anxiously awaited tip-off. It had been at least 3 years since seeing my last live game, and it would be a first for Robyn and Cora who jetted down to share the night with us.


Cora and Rob, psyched for the game!

A dream come true. Robyn, Micros, and Blazers.

The brewery of the night.


One of my favorites.

Liquid sunshine.

Down early, the Blazers rallied and the Rose Garden hummed like only an arena packed with true fans can achieve. Despite atrocious free-throw shooting we managed to pull off a comfortable 103 to 95 victory over the visiting Timberwolves. More than just a win, we were giving life to all those long nights listening to the radio in Idaho, Pennsylvania and Alaska. As I type Wheels and Antonio are calling a game and Robyn and I are listening over the radio. Tonight ended up being a treat for the Blazers in the midst of a tough 7 game road trip.  We just pulled off an improbable comeback victory from 18 down with only 4 minutes remaining to force overtime and win by 6!

And once again we can say, it’s a GREAT DAY TO BE A BLAZER!

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