Over the river and through the woods to auntie’s house we went this year, a beautiful Thanksgiving in a million different ways. Good food, great people, and so much love. It was awesome. Unfortunately, we’ve been so busy, we haven’t had time to post about it or anything else, for that matter. Soon, I hope. Soon.

While we gather our thoughts and find some free time, here are a few sneak peek photos of Thanksgiving and other random shots of our new town, Hailey. Enjoy.

Coffee at Zaneys – One of our favorite coffee spots in Hailey.

Cool Beans @ Zaneys.

Roasty toasty sittin’ by Carole and Perry’s fire!

Fresh tomatoes are the best.

Handsome and tasty!

Christmas sweater. Camera love. Yeah.

I made this crumbly peanut butter and chocolate chip bar. So good.

My favorite.

Four of many little birdies @ Hallett-Cabot place.

More stories and fun bits to come soon. Stay tuned.