Before you all get excited and twitchy about my misadventures in this new land of ‘catching’, weaponry, and blood –oh, and mouth-watering wild game recipes, keep in mind that my leap from forager and vegetable eater (with the exception of fish) to gnarly meat eater will not be an overnight transformation. This transition will be slow. Like really slow. The learning curve will be steep enough my first year and several years after, that, well, I don’t expect too much. I don’t want to make any predictions, either. In short, I don’t see an elk hunt in my near future (at least not as the hunter, but rather as the patient and positive partner). I am, however, interested to learn more about the sport, and am eager to absorb all of the information that I can about it. Below, I’ve included a few books that I hope to pick up at the Hailey Public Library or on Amazon, as they seem very fitting and appropriate for a new hunter.










You may also be wondering, ‘why the change?’ Good question. My personal beliefs have evolved as I’ve come to educate myself on how certain foods are treated and packaged. It’s terrifying. Animals that were raised in a confined space no bigger than my bathroom sink seem, at the very least, unhealthy, unnatural, and inhumane. That’s just it, it’s wrong, and too much for me to stomach. My semi-vegetarianism spawned from such knowledge and as I grow older, I’ve really come to appreciate wild game, fresh farm eggs, vegetable gardens, and homemade goat cheese. In fact, I adore it. I think it could be a new hobby and one that I feel so good supporting. I will certainly have to broaden my cooking skills to more than zesty soups, breads, pasta/rice dishes, and homemade sweet treats. I will need to perfect the wild game meal and become a savvy cheese maker, too.

That said, tomorrow night’s dinner will be experimental, but hopefully not awful. Dinner could either be with elk, pheasant, or deer. We’ve picked up a few fresh packages of wild game from our landlord and friend, Dave, and our good friend, Will. What would you choose? Is one easier to cook or less complicated than the others? Do you have any favorite recipes you’re willing to share? This is going to be my first big challenge with wild game and thankfully, probably the least gruesome. I will definitely keep you posted on the turn out. Wish me luck, and of course, any comments or suggestions you may have are always welcome!

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  1. My blood pressure is rising, my heart is beating wildly, Im starting to feel faint……woozy, Im reeling with conflicting emotion, Im starting to stagger….but wait, what is that shimmering light? Why its the glow of a Davis discovering part of her honorable family tradition, her heritage …..Pops is in deervana.

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