I really couldn’t even begin to describe all that has happened in the last couple days in any thorough manner without publishing a short novel so this post will be more like a highlight reel. Last Friday I had a job interview with the Blaine County School District and it went really well. Confident I had done a good job I waited to see whether I had impressed the committee. The weekend passed along with Monday and Tuesday as my chances seemed to fade. By Wednesday I was loosing hope until I received a phone call from the school district asking for alternate numbers to reach my contacts. Who knew Alaskans were so hard to get ahold of? Twenty minutes later, I was offered a job (unanimous 1st choice I might add!) as an assistant to the Director of Communications. My primary function will be webmaster for the district website, collaborating with Heather (director) on public relations projects, and designing/managing the periodicals we produce. My boss Heather is super nice, and I start Monday! After the offer I walked to Albertson’s on yet ANOTHER search for winter seasonal beer and well.. the day just kept getting better.

The day after our first substantial snowfall.. and Snowcap arrives on the shelves. Damn they are good!

Topping things off, my mom was headed to town to visit us and would arrive in only 2 hours! When she got here we showed her around Hailey, our new place, and made a quick snack before walking to the Sustainability Center for a cheese making class! The class was taught by a really cool older guy named Dick that seemed to have a stat and story for just about everything. He was a great teacher and the class was filled with cool and excited personalities. After the class we walked home with our very own yogurt cartons full of fresh raw goat milk ricotta.

A cool book with lots recipes. Our class followed one for Raw Goat Milk Ricotta.

Robyn and our cool instructor Dick mixing the warmed milk with apple cider vinegar to get things going.

Separating the curds from the whey with a fine butter cheese cloth.

A little melted butter and baking powder and WHAM-O.

After a successful class we tried our hand at the recipe at home, this time adding fresh chives basal and a bit of salt. I dare say it was pretty flippin good.

We saved the leftover whey from our goat cheese and the next evening we made a kick ass hearty stew!

The following day my mom and I drove all over the Wood River Valley to see the sights, have scientific discussions of snow making, and tour the Sun Valley Lodge. After a full day of sight-seeing we met up with Robyn to have a hearty Goat Whey stew back at the house and then geared up for Crosstoberfest! Crostoberfest is bikes + beer + music +brats + bonfires and a whole lotta fun. For just $15 we were free to sample as many beers as we wanted from several local and regional breweries on hand. Standouts were the Augustus Winter Warmer from Crooked Fence in Garden City, ID and the Mutton Buster Brown from Payette Brewing Company. I had already had the Mutton Buster but now it comes in cans complete and Idaho shaped barcode and a bullseye on the back to shoot at when you are done! YES!

Shorty power.

I had never had this before and boy was it tasty. Looking forward to expanding my international beer knowledge this winter.

Dude workin out while we drank beer.

Hangin it out at Crosstoberfest 2012!!

Mom and I enjoying the samples. All you can taste from 30 different breweries for 15 bucks!

Snow flying and burn barrels ablaze. Nothing feels more like home.

On top of all that good news Robyn is already looking at a possible promotion, we have a huge stew and movie planned for tonight and I keep forgetting it’s only Saturday.. Dierkes Lake tomorrow!

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  1. “I had already had the Mutton Buster but now it comes in cans complete and Idaho shaped barcode and a bullseye on the back to shoot at when you are done! YES!”

    Well, it was bound to happen eventually- a reason to put beer in a can. You could just skip step one and shoot at them while they are still full. Dont worry I wont tell.

    BTW- Love the Shorty Power pic. Its now my wallpaper.

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