I’ve decided to do a bit of clean-up with this here blog, consolidating some pages and simplifying it’s appearance. I think it’s important to reevaluate and host clean-up projects every now and again to keep things fresh, and to remember that the simple things in life are usually the most important – like warm cookies, big train hugs, and coffee with the ones you love on a crisp October day. That said, I plan to post my creative, crafty, and festive notes here. On our home page. No more ‘playhouse’ or ‘food & drink’. We’ve done so much transition lately, our blog has been slow to catch up. I am excited for this change. I hope you are, too.

As a result of all this ‘clean-up’, our newest category, tiny apartment living, was created to channel our festive energy in a more organized way. For this first post, I’ve taken some of my favorite photos from my previous pages to share again with each of you. Feel free to have a looksy, comment or not, and enjoy.

And, as always… thank you for visiting us here at twosmallcones.

:: Hearty and zesty! This beauty is full of goodies. Stir-fried veggies and white rice!

:: Definitely can’t go wrong with delicious pasta and side salad!

:: Curry dinner with lots of vegetables and a can of coconut milk = delicious!

:: this mega salad had everything in it :: just the way we like it!

:: tasty-cakes!

:: love muffs.

:: Rice noodle dinner.

:: sweet & savory potato soup.

:: Project – Maple Leaf Wreath.

:: a great way to start any new dinner project :: coffee!

:: homemade bread is one of my favorite treats ever.

:: This electric maple leaf came from the maple tree in front of our little entryway. It’s just so vibrant and beautiful right now.

:: love our little honey moon cone.

:: Ethan made me lunch! A mega burrito!

:: Another fine dinner salad!

:: October pizza. Haunting and delicious!

:: Wedding Anniversary treat! Our wedding cake!

:: I love vibrant colors. I adore my newest mix of polka dots!

:: I heart fall (get it.. hahaha..). This is my new dress – bold, bright, and fun!

:: My sequin sweater is a bright and shiny addition to any Friday ensemble!

:: Yummmmmm!

{Sheep cheese is my newest treat. It’s just so good!}

:: homemade s & p shakers. aren’t they darling?

{The newest addition – Baby spider plant from Jesus Christo the Spanish Jesus.}

:: Meow

:: zesty pine candle to awaken my senses each morning.

:: funky pasta dinner with lemon, avocado, yellow pepper, onion, herbs, and chicken sausage!

:: Possibly one of my favorite trinkets!

:: I get to choose a new recipe every night of the week for years to come!

:: Our very fun and thrifty coffee holder with mugs from all over!

:: Two of my favorite tasty vegetables for dinner.

:: Our cute mini pumpkins! Happy October!

:: beers.

:: pesto, grilled chicken, baked tomatoes, and purple onion delight

:: fresh is best.

*Note: most of our tiny apartment living posts won’t be this long. I adore our little home and I must say I’m smitten. Living here feels like a giant breath of fresh air. I just love it.


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  1. cowfish! yeah! oh and nice coffee mug holder……Oh and I WANT a muffin! All the food looks great but i for sure want a muffin!!!!

  2. Mmmmmm……nice Cowfish jugs. They match my hat from 2002. Give em to me. Im the dad…..

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