My mom is a jewel. She is strong, sharp, and a talent in the kitchen. She loves blue cheese, and makes a habit of staying extra busy. She’s witty and delicate. She is stubborn sometimes, a steadfast influence always.

When I think of my mom, I think of a woman who likes things done a certain way, who has particular tastes, and who isn’t afraid to let her mind be known.

She is a teacher who stores honey peanut butter in her classroom cupboard, and likes to sprinkle salt on all of her fruit. She gives the same endearing nicknames to everyone; you are either Charlie or Shorty. I remember camping and she combed her short hair straight back. The look resembled that of my grandpa- compassionate, pensive, soft.

Still beautiful, only different.

After living in so many different places, where traveling home was easier not to do, we now live in a cozy Idaho town, mere hours away from my mom. It’s different, still special.

This last weekend, my mom and I met for an outing all our own. Twin Falls, though not the most attractive place to meet, becomes bright and shiny when I’m with my mom. We enjoyed a very casual day with good chatter, food, and shopping. It was lovely.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick or sly enough to snag some photos, but I can ‘leave’ you with snapshots of beautiful, bright leaves – a smattering of reds, yellows, and greens that announce this year’s arrival of fall, and my favorite time of year (my mom’s too).

Enjoy and happy fall to you.

4 thoughts on “A Day with Mom

    1. Thanks, MK! We have you, too! We are excited to be so close to friends and family again! We are just a hop away from visiting you two in Halfway and that is just so wonderful!

  1. All of these photos I took while on a walk around Hailey. The colors are simply amazing!

  2. I definitely like your mom but the blue cheese thing is suspect.
    Love Pops.

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