Despite the learning curve with the new camera, the lack of power outlets, room, and dry weather, we somehow found a way to snap some great pictures and capture a few videos as well. We spent three weeks living out of our ’94 Accord which is now pressing the 400,000 mile mark. Unpack, pack, shake out, dry, unpack, pack repeat seemed to be the motto of the journey. Arriving in Oregon our future after Alaska seemed more real than ever. We were not on an extended vacation.. Even after being raised in the NW the lower 48 seems different than before. Familiar but not quite home. Home is where the bus is, at least at this point, and so for now we are off to find a new place to park for a while.

4 thoughts on “Climbing the Alcan

  1. You should NEVER let my daughter climb without a helmet! Are you a worm boy? Loved the video. Miss my Vincent. Love you both beyond your beliefs. Have the oil leak in Falkor figured out. Meet us at Buses by the Bridge next Jan?

  2. There’s a place for you to park in Big Sky, Montana… and lots of rocks for you to climb!

  3. What Mawree said, except change Big Sky to Poky!

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