Vroooom vroom. Beep beep. Oh, little green Vincent is such a joy to have around! He’s reliable. He’s definitely a fun guy with great character, he seems to always be smiling with his big eyes and yellowy grin, and he always makes us smile. What a bus! E and I can’t be more thankful or fortunate to have awesome Vincent in our lives.

Over the last several years, the Davis clan has put in a tremendous amount of work and love into Vincent to make him the reliable and charming bus that he is. And as a wedding gift, Poppa S and MK decided to give their little buddy, Vincent, to us – what an incredible gift and a beautiful sentiment. We hope to care for and love Vincent like they have done, and we definitely plan to log some wonderful memories and miles away in the cute-little guy. Our first memory and travel trip with Vincent is a climbing one – we have arrived in Smith Rock, Oregon.

Lunch on the road to Smith marks our first meal in the bus.

Smith Rock is the first destination.

And hot damn, our first sunset in the bus!

Before I get ahead of myself, I would also like to share some fun moments and photos of our time in Pendleton. We did a lot of packing and organizing, along with making many lists of needs and ‘to-dos’. While E spent many hours working with pops under and inside the bus, Kat and I shared stories, conversed of future plans and trip plans, enjoyed delicious cones of ice cream and night-time walks, and some gardening. We had many delicious deck dinners with the Davis folks and sampled delicious brews, all from the likes of many breweries: Pyramid Brewing, Terminal Gravity, Elysian Brewing, and Deschutes Brewing. The mix was oh-so-yummy!

These were even tastier than they looked.

Pops shining up the “not so legal” headlamps.

After a lovely Mother’s Day helping Kat plant her veggie and flower garden, we scrubbed and packed Vincent for his big trip, and settled nicely into cozy chairs on the deck for more chatter over peanuts and beer. Though short, our time in Pendleton was wonderful. We are lucky and thankful to have such heart-warming, extraordinary people in our lives. There is so much love going around, with big smiles and high fives, it is silly. We sure do love it, and can’t be more thankful for everything.

Robyn admiring our bus on another perfect Central Oregon evening.

Posing for the photo album.

Davis’ love busses.

Stay tuned. More to come on Smith Rock soon!


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  1. You folks and the buses are all looking terrific. Some of those pics are right out of “Bus-Rod” magazine.

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