The waves lapped at the base of the bonfire and 1 AM saw high tide take mercy on the warm coals at our feet. A few good friends remained and stared up at the clear night sky and made plans to meet again sometime, somewhere… Spring surfing trip to Yakutat? There is little doubt that many of the best people in Valdez were around the driftwood fire last night at Dock Point.

Dock Point – Valdez, AK

Chance throwing sticks, cracking open clams and having a generally awesome time.

Wet dogs.

Chris boated right up the the beach with fresh shrimp straight from The Port. Thread it on a stick and BBQ right over the fire. Soooooo good.

Valdez is a special place that attracts special people. We will miss this place and all of you! Thanks so much for all the great memories.



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  1. i must say my man looks pretty darn cute next to a shrimp…and always:)

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