Soupy day in The Pass had Benny and I splitting into a crag at the Worthington glacier to climb. Most of the climbs were wet but the best one (Sweet n’ Sour 11b) was miraculously  dry. Cornices were collapsing and falling from 80 feet above us on either side but our perch was snow free.  We dug in a belay platform on 10 feet of snow and clipped into the second bolt to start the climb.

Ben is proud of his snow belay ledge work.

What? Doesn’t everyone splitboard up to their climbs?

Slight roadblock.. An avalanche in the canyon backed up traffic for a bit but the DOT crew had it cleared in no time. Meanwhile it was a small reunion of locals including the Swansons, Jed from Heli Ski Guides and the weatherman Steve.