Yesterday was a crazy-fun and exhausting day. For the last few months, I have been planning a huge event at work for the 6th grade classrooms in Valdez. In short, this event encourages 6th graders to attend college, vocational and/or training schools, and seek out other awesome opportunities after they graduate from high school. To help encourage students, we invite them over to the school where they experience a ‘college day’ of their own. They attend college classes, meet students and professors, get a tour of student housing, and even partake in their very own graduation ceremony. It’s pretty awesome and the students LOVE it! As awesome as it is, it also takes a lot of planning on my part — and planning is half the fun! I also ordered lunch for the students, a graduation cake, and little red and blue grad caps — they were so cute! Aside from the day being overly exciting and wonderful, it was also exhausting! I drove home yesterday, craving a tasty beverage, a lovely bike ride, and later on, a good book.

:: All were mighty excellent!

{My choice of beverage was a tasty Mirror Pond!}

{Snippety-snap — yum yummmmmm!}

Now that the event is over, I can relax and work on some final, very minor projects before bidding farewell to ol’ PWSCC. Only 6 days left!

Cheers to you, little PWSCC.

3 thoughts on “Little PWSCC

  1. I know PWSCC will be a better place because you’ve put so much of yourself into everything you’ve done. Enjoy every minute of your last week.

  2. agreed! they’re so lucky to have had you there Robyn!

  3. Thank you, MK and Tasha! It has been a joyful experience and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve definitely enjoyed my time at PWSCC.

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