As most of you may know, Tailgate AK is happening as we speak. People from all over are here, shredding the gnar in Thompson Pass. This is definitely a special time in Thompson Pass. Warmer temps are arriving, the days are getting longer, and folks everywhere are bustling with excitement. It’s truly an incredible time. There is so much going on, too, like massive bonfires, man-games, ski and snowboarding competitions, salmon cook-offs, BBQs, and more fun for all. Tonight’s event is just as epic. It will include a huge bonfire and social gathering at Rendezvous Lodge. It’s all about fun! A lot of folks will show up, hang out and socialize over a tasty keg, and meet new friends! It’s super neat and I think Jerrod, Theo, James, Curry, and Bubbles will LOVE it!

My gut feeling is also telling me that tonight will probably be full of explosive-y fireworks and other eventful shenanigans. Ha!

{This is one awesome place — Rendezvous Lodge}

One thought on “Tailgate Fun @ Rendezvous Lodge

  1. Ha, we really blew it there didn’t we? Oh well, RFS was way more worth it! Plus we got to blow shit up later in the week 🙂

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