::We’ve been scoping out this sweet baby for months, now. And yesterday, we finally did it. Our fingers tingling with excitement, we proudly clicked the ‘Purchase’ button. We’ve been diligently saving for months, not only for our radical road trip, but to buy this sweet baby. And, we finally did it!

::E and I are the proud new owners of a shiny and bright new camera. I won’t give anything away until this spiffy-snappy photo-taker arrives in our hands. It will be best to take some sweet photos with it first and then spill the beans, anyway! I am definitely looking forward to snapping some really special photos of our adventures. We’ve realized over the years that photos are priceless. Photos give us even more of an opportunity to reminisce about fun and memorable moments with our most favorite people, nature, animals, and other little things.

::We are thrilled to have a really nice machine to help us capture and remember such amazing, warm moments in our lives. Photos from our new baby coming soon. In the meantime, here are neat-vintage photo machines to wish for and dream about. Aren’t they lovely?

3 thoughts on “Fine Little Day.

  1. before i read the post i saw the pics and thought the first one was your new camera. was definitely a little surprised haha. cant wait to see some of the pics you guys take. hopefully i can be part of some of your adventures this year!

  2. Chris of the Sea! We would love it for you to join us and/or meet up with us somewhere on our climbing trip! We certainly miss you, friend. Any news on the job?

  3. still up in the air but there are many possibilities. i may end up getting a job around here for a little and save up money before i make a big move. we’ll see!

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