Long weekends are awesome. Here is a super, but brief look into our four-day weekend. It was magical. We went touring and riding around on our snow sticks all weekend. I also squeezed in a nice cross-country ski around the neighborhood, and we took to the sharp end and got some outside climbing time! With super sweet weather, creamy powder and lead climbing outside, our weekend was just delicious! We also celebrated Sarah’s birthday on Monday and have been eating tasty dishes all week. Lots of people are around and the fresh energy is great. On Saturday, a few more of our snowy-Tailgate-AK party will arrive. The stoke is high and we certainly can’t wait to share our final weeks in Valdez with some very radical peeps.

Here are some tiny bits of our weekend. Enjoy.

The perfect side with soup = a tasty and hearty salad.

I made a new soup: Salmon Chowder. It was fantastic.

E’s nose in a classic ‘Rock & Ice’

I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting for Sarah’s birthday!

Coffee time.

Beautiful birds.

Little birdie tracks in the fresh snow.

Fresh snow = good skiing.

Out and about on cross-country skis.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Weekend

  1. Nice! Love the picture of the Pine Grosbeaks. We rarely see them down here! Happy birthday to Sara!

  2. holy crap that soup looks good. cupcakes and salad too but man that soup…

  3. i’m digging the cupcakes:) the frosting looks tasty. i wish i could stick my finger through the screen and grab a finger full of that frosting!

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