I LOVE date nights! On Tuesday, we had a great night out and about to celebrate two special events: my one month mark left of work and our 6-month mark of marriage! I still can’t believe we’ve already been married for six months. So crazy! It’s flown by… and it has definitely been an amazing six months. Yes, indeedy!

For the special occasion, we decided to drive out to Rendezvous Lodge at 46 mile and have frosty brews with a zesty dinner. We got to sit near the warm, cozy fire and chat over Black Butte Porters until dinner arrived. For dinner, E ordered a tasty looking burger and I order a spicy chicken sandwich. Both meals came with a pile of to-die-for french fries and crispy vegetables to decorate our sandwiches with. Oh man.. everything was just soooooo good.

I absolutely love Rendezvous Lodge. The place is full of character and nice people are always hanging out. The cook is a good friend of ours and he is constantly creating the tastiest dishes! Rendezvous is definitely a place to hang out with great friends, have a nice meal, and relax. We definitely did just that!

After dinner, E and I drove back through Thompson Pass to be greeted just in time by a lovely sunset. In fact, it was probably one of the prettiest, most intense sunsets I’ve seen since moving to Valdez. It was stunning and filled the sky with pinks, oranges, and beautiful shades of purples.

Once home, our lovely night ended with a few episodes of Portlandia, reading and dreaming of climbing, and more talk of our big road-trip and gnarly bus adventures. Man.. what a night!

Headed to dinner! E standing outside the Rendezvous Lodge.

Purply-blue ceiling adds even more character to this place!

My zesty chicken sandwich. YUM!

Getting ready for the first big bite!

A stunning sunset for the drive home.

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  1. I don’t think I am allowed in this place ever again, due to the events of last year…but we will see if they remember me! Black buttes sound great!

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