I landed a gig guiding clients up Rydor’s on East Peak visible from town in a Piston Bully 300 for 907 Snowcat.  Here are some pics from our first day out.

Also completed our final courses for the Introduction to Backcountry Skiing course (ODS 121) I taught through PWSCC. Great class! It was really fun to see everyone gain confidence.  After our last course we stopped in at the new Tsiana Lodge to rub shoulders with rich European heli-skiers and sit on leather couches.  This weekend is a 3 day weekend for Robyn and I and we may find ourselves in Fairbanks for a long procrastinated visit.  A job I applied for as a Snow Ranger on Mount Washington closed today.  Fingers crossed. Other prospects are Chile and possibly Ketchum or Lander.  What’s next? Nobody knows.

2 thoughts on “Meow Pow

  1. sweet photos! fingers crossed for Mt. Washington:0 we had a conversation on Sunday about moving to Lander….it’s a sweet town-with amazing rock! have you looked in to NOLS?

  2. I’m always on the edge of my seat waiting to read the next chapter in the What Comes Next series! 🙂

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