Just logged into my www.rockclimbing.com account last night and it brought back a flood of great memories.  This website is essentially an online log book that lets you record your climbs, rate them on quality and compare notes with other users. Any kind of database is only as good as the data you put in, and since my first entry on November 23, 2008 I have kept up pretty well.

My online logbook

What amazed me when looking at the graph was the number of different climbs we were getting on in 2009 and 2010.  This graph only shows unique climbs and doesn’t account for climbs we did multiple times. 2010 was an incredible year.  That is when we filmed 6 Weeks, and also almost all 120 of the climbs recorded that year were done before June! The 2012 graph is still at zero, but that will change here shortly.  Robyn and I leave for climbing down at Skaha in just 6 short weeks.

Robyn and I downloaded and watched The Scene last night, a new climbing flick by one of the premiere climbing film makers Chuck Fryberger. It reminded me of sitting on our couch back in PA, Seth making chocolate chip muffins, drinking beers, hanging on the hangboard, plopping down to watch a Dosage film for the 26th time with our well thumbed and marked-up New River Gorge guidebooks in hand. We truly did live to climb during those days. Summer nights at the barn with fresh corn on the cob, and weekends at The New.  What a special time it was!

Tokatee Hot Springs June 2009

Here’s hoping we get to tie in with you all again soon.

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  1. so. much. climbing. what a special time indeed. and yes, pacman is definitely loving it.

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