Yesterday was a strange day. I feel so much like an adult. It was a big decision day; a day that will change our life direction in a BIG way. Yesterday afternoon, I submitted that ‘big-decision’ letter. I turned in my Letter of Resignation. It was a strange feeling indeed, but also a good one. Doing this brought a huge sense of relief to our little world. For us, it officially allows us to move forward with our next big adventure, to share our move with the world, to live free of worry and stop pretending that we might stay. It’s official. E and I are moving and it feels great to share it, get it out, and embrace it!

To be frank, I was a tiny bit nervous that people at work would dislike our decision and/or poke fun of it, but I was pleasantly greeted this morning by high-fives and congratulatory wishes. It was silly of me to be nervous. I am too sensitive to what people think and I hate to feel like I am ‘letting people down’. My coworkers have expressed just the opposite. They are so happy for us and that makes me smile, BIG.

As for the rest of our time in Valdez, E and I will continue to downsize our belongings, have amazingly long days riding pow, and fully enjoy our time left here. We’ve already gotten a jump start on the little things before our trip, like resoling our climbing shoes, tuning our pedal machines, and gearing Trixie up for the long road trip down south…

…Can you believe it? Only six weeks left until another big move; another new adventure; a colorful, new chapter to add to our big book. Ohh 2012, you are bright and full of good things.


4 thoughts on “Big.

  1. Get those climbing shoes all ready to go to send in MAPLE! Oh yeah and I get to see you guys in just over a MONTH! (just incase your forgot I thought I would remind you)

  2. you rock! on to new exciting things. can’t wait to see where life takes you-enjoy the ride! make sure to give extra hugs to Ben, so he can give me some Robyn hugs when he comes home:)

    1. Thanks Lady T! I am going to hug Ben so many times, he is going to be sick of Robyn hugs. Ha! He will have enough hugs to spread around SLC. We are definitely going to miss you this year, but soon, we will all be climbing together, drinking too much coffee, and exploring! I can’t wait!!

  3. A tough move, but a STRONG one! Onward and upward honeybee!

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