A weekend away from Valdez also meant away with some wisdom. This last week, E and I made the six hour trek to Anchorage, ran some errands, did the usual stock pile of cheaper groceries, went bouldering at the Alaska Rock Gym, picked up Roy from the airport, and squeezed in a slightly unpleasant visit to the dentist. Now, don’t get me wrong. My dentist was great, but it’s never a pleasant or lovely experience to get teeth removed, and my teeth just happened to be the very wise ones. Thankfully, I only had two. The pain and soreness that comes with the removal of wisdom teeth is incredible. I am also not one to take pain medication, so this journey has been quite an interesting one. As of late, things are going pretty well. I have a dull pain in my face/jaw area most of the day and at night, it seems to get a little bit worse. I’ve been icing my chipmunk cheeks regularly and rinsing my mouth out several times a day with salty, warm water. On the ‘good end’ of things, I am four days out of surgery, and according to the dentist, within five to seven days, I should start to feel better. Day five is tomorrow! In other good news, I can also try to incorporate real food back in to my diet then, too! I have been craving some delicious and tasty foods and treats, but until later this week, I am stuck on an all-liquid or really mushy food diet. Blurg.

Other things I am looking forward too after all is healed and better.. working out and skiing with energy! Because of this liquid/mushy food diet, my energy has been really low. I get tired skinning up the mountain; heck, even walking too much exhausts me, and I’m afraid to workout in fear that I will get extremely light headed. No good and no fun.

No worries though. Soon… it will all be over. Oh, I can’t wait.

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  1. Owowowow. I remember when I had my lower ones done and it was no fun at all. So I’ve kept my top two, lo these many years! 🙂 The dentist keeps looking at then and says “Hmmm…” a lot, but I make sure they are flossed and spiffy so they’ve stayed in good shape… so far… Hope you are able to chomp away on all your favorite foods soon! Sad that I will miss the Skype session tonight… but sending all my love along with Dad!

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